Magnifica Terra – „magnificent land“ - is the name that residents of the upper Valtelina give to Bormio.

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Bormio is a classical alpine holiday resort and is marked by the Italian way of life, culture, history and the thermal baths that were the main influence behind the tourist development until the mid 20th century. Thereafter, as most other alpine resorts, Bormio concentrated on winter sport. Together with Santa Caterina it offers a broad variety of attractive sports activities today.

Bormio is also the administrative centre for the Stelvio national park. This park – the largest italian nature reserve – is interested in developing its extensive land to attract more summer activies. For this reason, the Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio is a partner in the Alta Rezia bike project.

Back in the summer of 2004 the “Parco” – as it is referred to by the locals, started working on the preparation, reparation and upkeep of old military roads and disused hiking paths that have since been recoded in the park directory as bike-paths. This work will continue throughout the next years to create an ever denser and more complete network of routes. Passo Zebrù and Bormio 3000 already offer two 3000m altitude routes with fascinating trails and impressive panoramas. Such good routes are hard to find elsewhere in the Alps at this altitude. Further highlights include the Bocchetta di Forcola with the descent via Alp Pedenolo, the tours around lake Cancano and the Decouville scenic route as well as the Passo Verva.

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